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Returning to school

Welcome back to the last half term of the Year. I hope you all had a good break from learning although I know the May half term holiday would've been very different for you all this year.

I've spent this week in school with all the staff getting ready for some children returning next week. School will be quite different but we're working hard to make sure children are happy in school and feel safe. Do watch this short video with your child!

Children, I know so many of you would want to be back next week but aren't able to yet. We're so sorry because we want you back too. From next week we will be continually looking at how we can get more children back into school safely. It has been very strange for staff being in school this week with no children and we all felt a little bit sad and lost really. We really do miss you all! Year 6, I'll 'speak' to all of you later on today.

Parents, I understand your frustration for those of you who do not have children returning yet. Please trust that we are doing all that we can to increase spaces whilst ensuring we comply with social distance measures whilst safeguarding adults too. Galmpton is a wonderful school, but an old school. With our limited space and places taken by parents who are key workers (and we think this accounts for over 75% of our parents) agreeing numbers and groups has been very problematic. However, we are determined to get in as many children as possible across this half term, particularly our Year 6 children who deserve to have some time with us before we say goodbye. For this reason we will continue to request that parents do not ask for provision if your child can be cared for at home. Many thanks, Katy Burns

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