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Weekly Message from Mrs Burns 29.6.20

Weekly Message Hello all parents and Carers. I hope you are all managing to find some joy and coping well at home. I understand the worries some of you may have about another six weeks at home with your children over the Summer break. The Government are not asking schools to stay open and so we will not be offering provision over this period. Teachers are not paid for their Summer holidays. We are currently trying to pull together a list of Summer holiday clubs and providers and will let you know about this as soon as we can. We are trying to find ways to welcome some of our Reception children starting in September (many of whom have never visited the school) and Year 6 into the school whilst continuing to follow guidelines. We want to give Year 6 the best send off we possibly can and so do need alot of space to welcome in their families too. I know the admin team have sent you all an email asking for your opinions about the validity of us closing at lunchtime on the last 2 days of term (20th and 21st July). If we could close on these two afternoons we could then allow Year 6 and their families to come into school and welcome our new intake for next Year. If this is very problematic for you, do please contact the office and we will try to accommodate your needs. We have decided not to continue with the Headteacher Awards now that more children are back in school. It seems unfair to compare the learning at home with learning in school. However, teachers will still be giving Dojo points and I know we all love to see what the children are getting up to. So do please continue to encourage your child to keep up with their learning. Teachers will continue with their weekly incentives and awards. Attached is this week's Act Of Worship. (if the video doesn't work, it's attached separately in the next post) I'll attach the PDF version too in case you can't open the Powerpoint. Later on this week I will send out the staffing structure with classes for next Year. As always, thank you for the trust you place in us and for your continued understanding. Mrs Burns

The link to the video for the assembly is here:

Please see both PPT and PDF versions below

Justice-treating people fairly 29.6.20
Download P • 669KB

Justice-treating people fairly 29.6.20
Download P • 31.04MB

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