Alice White

I have been teaching at Galmpton for 7 years, working in a variety of year groups. I have also taught at Collaton St Mary within this time. I now teach part-time and have done since I had my first son. Before joining Galmpton I taught for 11 years at Eden Park in a full time position before taking a break for children and returning there in a part time role.

I love the variation that teaching brings and savour those light bulb moments when a child understands something or masters the ability to solve things for themselves. I see my role as one of the many cogs in a child’s development, steering them to have the tools to be become a success in the ever-changing world around us.

Teaching is very close to my heart, but I have another love. Farming. I grew up on a farm and married a farmer. I thoroughly enjoy being outside helping to care for the animals and tending to the crops. When I am not teaching, farming or ferrying the children to their various clubs and activities I enjoy being out in my garden.

Lisa Baumback

Working with children has always been a passion of mine. I originally trained to be a nursery nurse and spent time working as a nanny, in a nursery, in a pre-school and as a teaching assistant in a primary school. Having spent many years gaining experience, I finally decided to train to be a teacher and started teaching in 2017. 

I have worked for ACE since 2018 when they took on the school I was working at in Totnes. This year I had the opportunity to move to Galmpton and started teaching in year 5 which has been a really lovely experience. I feel lucky to work in such a welcoming, friendly school. This is my first year teaching year 5, having taught previously in years 3 and 4. It is a new challenge but I have a good understanding of where children should be at the end of year 4 so it is a sensible next step for me. 

When I am not teaching, like to spend I spend lots of time at the rowing club in Totnes where I am the Junior Coordinator. I love rowing and spending time on the river and think we should all make the most of being so close to the beautiful River Dart.