Our Governors

As a Church of England school, our local governing body has a majority of ‘foundation’ governors i.e. governors selected because of their Christian faith, to ensure that the Christian trust deed and mission of the school is upheld. We have a local governing body of 10 members monitoring all areas of governance including Safeguarding, Community Partnerships, Christian Distinctiveness, Premises and Curriculum. We also have a separate Ethos committee group attended by governors, parents and pupils, this committee is responsible for monitoring, improving and maintaining the ethos and distinctiveness of the school.

Olivia Palmer 
Parent Governor

Chair of Governors

Thomas Blanchard
Parent Governor

Safeguarding Lead

Yvonne Childs

Foundation Governor

Curriculum and Standards

Mrs Anne Tully

Foundation Governor

Partnerships Lead

Mrs Rebecca Walker

Foundation Governor

Community Partnership Lead

Amy Withers

Foundation Governor

Local Governor

Contacting the Governors:

The governors can be contacted
via the Clerk to Governors
Mrs Roxanna Mager Roxanna.mager@acexcellence.co.uk

Faye Butler 

Staff Governor 

Curriculum and standards Lead

Lyn Elliott

Foundation Governor

Ethos and Distinctiveness lead & Curriculum and Standards

Governor Register of Pecuniary Interests October 2020

Governor Appointments and Attendance