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Psalm 92:12

'Those that live like Jesus will flourish like a Palm tree, they will grow like a fine and strong tree that will stay fresh and green’.

Welcome to Galmpton Church of England Primary School. Our Vision of 'Achieving and Flourishing Together' for all means that we are continually striving to develop every individual in the image of God and to ensure that all those connected with Galmpton have opportunities to develop as learners and good citizens. To ensure everyone achieves and flourishes we ensure all learning happens through the lens of our gateways: Citizenship, Leadership, Expression, Explorers and Flourishing. We believe that through our values that are linked to these gateways, we are guided in all that we do and all that we are called to do as a Christian School. 

We look to provide the very best foundation for the growth and development of your children. The progress of every child is immensely important to us all, and we hope that our work as teachers and leaders will enable them to develop to their fullest potential. At Galmpton we look to create and establish the sort of environment in which pupils of all ages will feel challenged but enjoy their time in school.

In the same way, we seek to forge excellent relationships with all parents so that partnership is seen as the way forward at all times.

We look forward to our period of successful partnership with you.

Katy Burns

Head Teacher

Galmpton C of E Primary Prospectus 2024/25
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