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Geography – Our content, aims and concepts

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Geography at Galmpton

Being a village school that is in close proximity to the beautiful coastlines of Torbay and Galmpton Creek, using our locality is central to our geography curriculum at Galmpton.  From Reception, children discover features of their immediate environment.  This is built upon in year one with identifying features of our village location, posting letters at the village post office and making simple maps of our local environment.  Throughout KS1 and KS2, we use other local areas for field work – coastline, beaches and woodland are all used for experiential stimulus to develop geographical skills and understanding.  Children leave Galmpton as confident geographers that have developed a sense of agency and responsibility, as well as pride in their local community with the necessary skills and knowledge of their local area and global issues to progress to their next phase of education. 

GEOGRAPHY – Examples of Geography Learning Experiences at Galmpton

GEOGRAPHY – Examples of Geography Learning Journals

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