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Online Safety

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We use Project Evolve to teach online safety to all our pupils. All classes take part in fortnightly lessons. 

In addition to our fortnightly lessons, children have completed a pupil code of conduct so that they are aware of our expectations and understand how to keep themselves online.

Children are reminded of the code of conduct when using the chromebooks in school and any breaches are reported immediately to the SLT team. We take part in the National Safer internet day and also complete online anti bullying sessions with the children too. Our children are familiar with the 'zip it, block it, flag it' code and we refer  to this regularly to remind the children of potential inappropriate materials online.

Our regular newsletter to parents always contains a poster from: to ensure parents are also aware of how to keep their children safe online.

We have also been working with the NSPCC to highlight the importance of online safety. To children, online friends are real friends. Online life is real life. There's no distinction.

For advice and support on setting up parental controls, adjusting privacy settings, understanding social networks and more check out the links below or call the NSPCC online safety advice helpline 0808 800 5002 - Lines are open from 9am - 7pm, Monday to Friday and 10am - 6pm on weekends. All calls are free of charge. These links below may also be of use.

Useful Documents 

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