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At the heart of our curriculum lie three core values: pursuit of Academic Excellence; the explicit development of Metacognition; and crucially, Character Education.


Our Curriculum

Academic Excellence

This is fundamental within our curriculum model. The children’s acquisition of a deep body of knowledge within subject disciplines, will enable them to express their learning to the highest standard. When children achieve excellence, this gives them the confidence to challenge themselves further. On our class pages you will see how we have mapped out the subjects across the year on our curriculum overview documents. We aim to develop all our pupils as artists, mathematicians, writers, historians, athletes etc so that they acquire a vast body of knowledge across a wide range of subjects that they can use to become life long learners. View our subject pages for more details and to see the sequencing and progression for all subjects.

Character Education

Whilst academic success remains a core priority, developing character is also an essential element of our curriculum model. Our curriculum gives children opportunities to make a positive impact on society. We want them to grasp the possibilities and opportunities of life beyond the classroom, to enable them to thrive at each and every challenge they face in life and make a difference to themselves and those around them. We have mapped out a progression in our character gateways to ensure that the development of character is relevant and appropriate. See our Character Education page for more details.


Our curriculum not only focuses on achieving character whilst pursuing academic excellence, but also emphasises deep learning through developing the skills of metacognition. We use an enquiry approach to drive our learning experiences, making the reflective learning process explicit. In addition to this, tools for thinking will be taught to support children’s higher order thinking, synthesis of knowledge and creating of new thinking. However, metacognition can only be developed within a knowledge-rich curriculum.

Our Outcomes

Our vision for success is measured against six outcomes, each one reflecting our core values. We want all our pupils to be: Successful Learners, Knowledgeable participants, Confident Individuals, Caring citizens, Healthy thinkers and Curious explorers

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