Welcome to Year 4

Class Teachers: Mrs Nicky Hartley & Mrs Alice White

This term Year 4 will learn how to be Historians. Through our learning question, ‘Did Henry VIII act with integrity?’ we will:

• use a range of sources to learn about the people from the past and understand why

there may be differing views about historical events

• recognise why people did things, why events happened and what happened as a result

• make observations about different types of people and events over time periods

• use timelines to place key events in order

• understand how the actions of the past can help us with our lives today

Throughout this learning experience, we will focus on Henry’s leadership skills, in particular

the quality of integrity. In order to do this, we will reflect on what qualities are needed to

be a great leader and this will help us to identify what leadership qualities we have

ourselves and how we could develop these further.

Our English writing will support our learning enquiry with a discursive piece of writing being

the outcome for this learning experience. During Guided Reading sessions, we will use nonfiction texts to gain key information about Henry VIII and events in his lifetime.


We will follow the National Curriculum for Maths this term, which will include;

multiplication and division, area, fractions and decimals.

Mrs Nicky Hartley & Mrs Alice White

Key Performance Indicators - Year 4

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