Welcome to Year 5

Class Teacher: Mr Jack Johansen

This half term in Year 5, we will learn how to become great Historians through our learning question: 

‘What Made Lord Nelson an inspirational leader?’ 

We will:

  • Develop the skills needed to be a great historian.

  • Suggest accurate reasons why aspects of the past have been represented in different ways (in particular the actions of Admiral Lord Nelson in the Royal Navy) in order to answer our learning question.

  • Use a range of sources to learn about the people from the past (in particular Lord Nelson).

  • Understand why there may be differing views about historical events.

  • Evaluate the usefulness and accurateness of different sources of evidence.

  • Explain why there is often not a single answer to historical questions.

  • Form our own opinions about historical events from a range of sources.

We will aim to develop our Leadership skills through exploring the qualities that are needed to be a great leader. We will focus particularly on the battle of Trafalgar and the reasons why Admiral Lord Nelson was such a well-respected leader. We will also develop our metacognitive skills through asking questions that consider the implications and consequences of actions.

Our writing will help support our learning journey. We will write detailed descriptive and discursive pieces. Throughout our Guided reading sessions, we will use poetry on the Battle of Trafalgar to help develop our retrieval and inference skills. We will be following the National Curriculum for Maths this term, which will include multiplication and division, fractions and decimals.

Jack Johansen

Key Performance Indicators - Year 5

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