Welcome to Year 2

Class Teacher: Mr John Hicks

Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays. Your child’s home learning will be sent out on a Friday, and can be returned by the following Thursday


In the first part of the Spring Term our learning journey question is:


What makes a great leader?

How do the record-breaking reigns of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II compare?

We will access our learning through the gateway of Leadership covering History, art

and literacy knowledge and skills.

In our Writing we will:

  • Write a newspaper report for a key event

  • Show how our lives would differ from today under Victoria’s reign.

  • Revise and edit our work

In our Reading we will:

  • Listen to and discuss a range of texts: newspaper reports, information texts, stories

  • Discuss word meanings

  • Participate in discussions around texts

In our Maths we will:

  • Use different representations and models to show our understanding of division

  • Develop our understanding of statistics through the use of tally charts, pictograms, and block diagrams.

  • Increase our understanding and vocabulary around the properties of shape.

Our RE questions is: Who is Muslim and how do they live?

John Hicks

Key Performance Indicators - Year 2

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