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We had planned to run an Easter Holiday club for children of Key Workers. However, this week we have had no requests. Next week we will look at numbers requesting places. If this number is below four it may well be that we link up with our other Trust schools and open one of the schools as a hub. Please be aware that if children live with both parents, then both parents need to be key workers in order to qualify for a school place. Government expectations are that where one parent is not a key worker, they will take time off and look after the children at home. If parents live separately and one is a key worker, children will qualify for a school place only on the days that the key worker parent has custody. It's so important that we follow the Government guidelines. Should you qualify for a place over the coming weeks please contact Galmpton admin. After Easter we will look again at schooling vulnerable children and again, if you think this includes your child or a child you care for please contact us so we can support where we can. Thank you!

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