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Parents' Survey

Morning parents and carers,

we're up to 87 responses to the survey. Fabulous, although it would be good to get responses from at least 50% of our parents.

Your feedback so far has been really helpful and although we're hoping to be back on 8th March, we will implement changes where we can for the continued time in lockdown. So do please let us know what's working well and what we can adapt.

Just in case you're unaware, teachers are teaching lessons at home and in school. This takes a huge amount of planning, meeting the needs of children in school and at home too. We know nothing can replace being in school. Learning will not be as good and we understand you do not have the skills of teachers (although we've been so impressed at how many budding teachers are out there!)

As much as we would like to have bespoke lessons for individual pupils we just can't. We're happy to offer alternative activities but we cannot offer the whole range of subjects remotely.

Thanks to all those parents who have taken time to respond to the survey. Here it is again!

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