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Positive Covid Test Guidance

During the normal school week, please ensure you inform the school office immediately if a member of your household obtains a positive covid test result.

Should a member of your household obtain a positive covid test result during the course of a weekend or during holiday periods, please inform us via email on immediately (emails will be monitored over the course of each weekend for this information - all other "general" emails will be responded to on return to the office). This information will enable senior leadership to gather information, monitor and put in place necessary measures following guidance and advice from the DfE and Public Health England.

If you have group social chat’s on WhatsApp or other social media, please could we ask our parents and carers not to discuss personal and possibly sensitive information, in an open forum. A lack of clarity of information could lead to unnecessary concern.

We will ensure that information is shared with the school community as and when we are able to do so.

As always, thank you for your understanding and assistance.

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