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Absence update

Good afternoon Parents and carers,

whilst we're in a lockdown situation at Galmpton I will try to ensure I update you regularly.

Please be aware that the decisions that we are making are dictated to us by Public Health and we do not have a choice around the restrictions and measures we are imposing.

That said, I would agree that following their advice will hopefully mean that our children are back in school soon and hopefully they will all be back for the last week before we break up.

Public health have been very happy with our pro activeness around reducing the spread of covid (and other illnesses) and we continue to be in touch with them daily to report absences and to update them on the current situation.

The school will only close if we are unable to staff classes. Although there are a handful of staff with covid, (including me) we are continuing to ensure learning continues and we are doing our best to provide all those additional activities that children love.

I intend to lead the Christingle service on Monday and I've attached some instructions for making a Christingle in case you'd like to make one with your child. You can join us for the service too. I'll send a zoom link later in the week for next Monday at 2.30pm.

I do hope your child isn't too poorly and that you are coping well. We managed to get through the last two years so well and it's so frustrating and concerning that this has happened. But we must follow the guidance, support each other and look to this ending soon.

Best wishes, Mrs Burns

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