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COVID concerns

Good morning parents and carers,

just to inform you that we do have increasing numbers of children and staff testing positive with COVID. We are in regular contact with public health who are advising us of any further measures we need to take.

We have continued to ensure the school is really well cleaned and we are using anti bacterial aerosol bombs overnight where we have more covid cases in classes. We will separate classes and resume to a class bubble where positive cases are high but we are advised by Public Health and the DFE to not shut down classes. We will only shut down classes if we do not have available staff.

Letters will go out today to classes where we have higher numbers and class teachers will also inform you of who will be in class if they are absent.

Please remind your child to wash their hands thoroughly, use good toilet hygiene and please be mindful of symptoms. If your child is showing symptoms, which now includes stomach aches, please carry out tests and inform us. Hopefully, we will be able to contain the spread by doing all that we can together! Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!!

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