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Key Worker Provision

Dear Parents / Carers

Thank you to all the key workers who have given us lots of information regarding provision which is required for their children during term time.

Although further weeks of school closure are as yet unconfirmed, in preparation for the possibility of an extended lockdown period, each week we will send out an email on Wednesdays to request information from parents for the following week's requirements (we have noted all information received thus far, but for clarity, please provide weekly). Therefore, could you please email using the new email address detailed below, what your requirements are for next week. With this information we can keep staffing levels to a minimum, thus reducing any risk of spread within school.

There have been requests received from parents where only one parent/carer is categorised as a key worker. Our Academy has extended guidance that we will allocate places to those children who have two key worker parents where childcare cannot be sourced elsewhere, thus minimising the risk of spread via children to frontline key working parents.

Any family where there is only one key worker will not be offered provision (unless in single parent circumstances).

We have set up a new email address to receive key worker provision requests -

We would be grateful if you would please use the gpsprovision address for all provision related correspondence.

Thank you in advance

School Office

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Unfortunately your new email address doesn’t work - my email was undeliverable as the address is not recognised.

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