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Managing and containing sickness in school

Good morning parents and carers,

I hope you and your families are well, although there's no doubt that Galmpton has a very high number of children off sick currently. We will now return to lockdown measures in school. Our challenge around sickness in school is compounded at the moment by many different types of sickness including chicken pox, stomach bugs, the annual winter coughs and colds and of course Covid!

So trying to work out exact categories around sickness isn't easy! I do know on speaking to several schools today across Torbay and Devon that we are not alone in having high absence rates. Please see below for the measures that will now be in place, possibly until the end of term. We will review these measures weekly. Unless your child has symptoms they should still come into school.

We have now:

1) Returned all classes to bubbles where they will only mix with their class peers

2) Given over staff toilets to certain year groups to lessen numbers in toilets

3) Timetabled additional cleaning of toilets and contact points

4) Ensured staff have returned to wearing masks in communal areas

5) Ensured Staff continue to wipe down classrooms after sessions including contact points such as door handles.

6) Ensuring all children are washing hands regularly and we are using hand sanitisers at certain parts of the day eg on entry to the dining room

7) We are not allowing any visits out or visitors in this week. Only staff will enter the school. Visiting music teachers have been cancelled.

8) Our own After school club will be spread out to ensure Year groups do not mix. All other after school clubs will be cancelled for the next week at least.

9) Aerosol antiseptic bombs will be released overnight where we have higher levels of class sickness.

10) We will continue to have assemblies and other whole school sessions online and will review our Christmas plans over the forthcoming weeks

11) We continue to follow public health advice and are in contact with them daily.

12) We will ensure you have all the necessary information you need in terms of outbreak, warn and inform and whole class PCR testing letters

So please rest assured that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe in school and, as always, the children's' well being remains our priority. Thank you for your continued support and do ask us any questions if you are unsure of guidance or have any concerns around absence.

Stay safe! Mrs Burns

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