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Message from Mrs Burns about potential Re opening for more children

Updated: May 22, 2020

Thank you parents and carers for your overwhelming response to the survey. We've pretty much had nearly every parent reply and that has allowed me to start looking at potential numbers. I am in consultations with Torbay Local Authority, the ACE team (and it will be the board of directors who ultimately decide on who will return and when), Galmpton Governing body and teaching unions. There are a tremendous amount of decisions and actions that need to take place in order for the school to potentially re-open. There has still been no definite confirmation that schools will open after half term and I have been informed that the Government will not now announce the decision until 28th May! However, that isn't stopping us planning! Approximately 59% of you have said that you will potentially return your child to school. The Government guidance suggest children should be taught in groups of less than 15 and most advice suggests smaller groups of about 8 children. The guidance also advises continued social distancing for adults. The main risk returning to schools is for adults not for children. So we will now begin to look at how we can make all of this work, bearing in mind that we also have to ensure that we continue to take on key worker children where there is no child care provision and other priority groups of children. Next week I will give you details of how we propose to group children so that those returning and adults are as safe as possible. I will also ensure you know how we have prioritised groups of children. I do really understand your need to know details so that you can make decisions too, so please continue to 'bear with us' and trust that we are going as quickly as we can, with the restrictions placed on us, to plan for a possible re opening for more children. Have a lovely weekend everyone and again, thank you for your understanding and patience .

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