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Message from Reverend John- Brixham Mission Community

I thought I would send you all a message, just to remind you that the church is still here and that even if we cannot meet in person, we can think of each other and pray for each other. I think it is also important that we encourage one another in our faith, and pray for those who are finding this prolonged period of isolation very difficult. We are social beings

(well, most of us are!) and to be deprived of social interaction can take its toll. There is one way of course, by which we are never alone, and that is by talking to God and spending a little more time than perhaps we usually do in his company.

The present situation allows us the perfect opportunity to do this, and those of you who have the BMC Prayer Packs will already have this resource available, and I am attaching these for anyone who doesn't have them, or would like to download it onto a mobile device. Of course, any kind of prayer resource will do, including free prayer whenever you wish

to do it. In case you are not already aware, the BMC has is own Facebook page and

you an find it here:

(You can also download daily morning and evening Prayer booklets from this website. Go to About us-Our Church school and scroll down to download the booklets.)

The Lord bless you and keep you during this strange time, until we are able to meet again.

Every blessing, John ,Team Vicar

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