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Message to parents re: increasing numbers of children in school

Updated: May 22, 2020

Dear Parents,

our CEO, Cheryl Weyman will be writing to you this week to explain the offer that we will be making if schools re open. Unless we have agreed provision (and we have only done this for our children who are currently in school) please do not assume that your child will be returning. We are still working out how we can safely have back the many requests we have received.

Again, there are a huge amount of actions that need to be taken and in place before the school is reopened to more children. For this reason the school will be closed for half term as usual at the end of this week and then also closed the following week beginning the 1st June. The first three days of that week were meant to be half term for staff but we will be returning to deep clean the school, implement the huge raft of Health and Safety measures that are required of us and carry out staff training. We are doing this to ensure that any children returning have risks reduced and we're also ensuring risks are minimised for adults.

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