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Parent/carer survey

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you for those parents who have completed the online survey. This is very helpful and your comments are helping us to consider how we can improve what we do, which includes communicating with you! I think a very valid point that many of you have made is the difficulties caused by our multiple communication methods!

We would like to move to putting notices on this news feed, here on our website. This does mean that you need to sign up for notices/alerts. I will now start to use the website rather than Dojo/Tapestry to communicate with you. Teachers will continue to contact parents both individually and as a group, through Dojo and Tapestry. The office team will now move to putting more messages on here, although they will still need to text and email some messages to you.

On Monday we will close the survey, so if you haven't yet completed the form do please take a couple of minutes to respond to the questions - ultimately this is about making school life better for your child, so please use the link below to complete. Putting on year groups or names also helps as it gives me a more accurate picture around your feedback. Here's the link! Thank you

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