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Shoebox- Operation Christmas child

Just to let parents know that we have until 12th November to get all our shoeboxes in ready for collection

by Christian Aid who will fly them out to children in countries needing support and a little Christmas cheer! Your child brought home a leaflet about the campaign before half term but if you can't find it, do go to to see what goes in your box and then label with boy/girl and an appropriate age. We ususally collect a huge amount of boxes but that's because we have a few parents who bring in an extraordinary amount. One parent has already brought in 20 boxes!! Imagine what we could send to needy children if every family packed just one box. We have a few shoes boxes in school if you would like to take one home to fill. Please bring all boxes in by next Friday. A massive thank you to the parents who overwhelm us every year with their thoughtfulness and compassion.

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