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Support Group for parents/carers of children with additional needs

We'd like to set up our own Galmpton group soon! A coffee morning type meeting where parents can share their experiences and where we can provide key speakers and share ideas for support and also celebrate our children with special needs. Here's a Torbay group that parents and carers may be interested in!

Parents or carers of a child with any type of additional need or disability can join a Parent Carer Forum.

There are to be two meetings to discuss how parent participation and co-production might be developed further in Torbay. It is essential that parents and carers voices are heard in the design and development of services for your children and young people.

The virtual meetings will be on:

Monday 27th September 7-00pm to 8-30pm

Thursday 30th September 10-30pm to 12 noon

Please email for login details!

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