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Values In Action at Galmpton

Wow! 72 boxes came in today! Thank you so much Galmpton parents and carers. You've shown such great compassion and we were all so impressed and touched by your efforts. One of our parents who has always brought in multiple numbers of boxes told me today that the reason he does so many was because he remembered the joy of receiving a box when he was a child living overseas in more difficult circumstances. He remembers quite vividly opening the box and just feeling so thrilled. I have no doubt that his feelings felt many years ago will be felt by many children this Christmas too. Thank you for your generosity, kindness and overwhelming support for this very worthy cause. Here are some photos from today. Unfortunately we couldn't photograph all the children that brought in boxes but they all know the difference they've made for other children. The children know that each box is a special gift. Special thanks to Lyndsay Williams from Christian Aid who came in to collect the parcels and send them on their way. Also a special mention must go to the incredibly generous Lamsins who brought in a staggering number of boxes today. Have a lovely weekend all, Mrs Burns Like

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