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Wider opening of School

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you've had an opportunity to read my letter explaining how we will proceed with opening the school to more children from the 8th June. We have had an overwhelming amount of requests from key worker parents.

When we started planning we had hoped that we would be able to go to the suggested Year groups that follow on from the priority groups of key workers and vulnerable pupils. This just hasn't been possible. We have also been unable to give places where one parent is a key worker. The Trust Board have stated that groups of children must be in bubbles of no more than 8. With available staff we are now at capacity but we will review this fortnightly to see where we can increase numbers.

Can I please ask parents to only accept a place where no other child care is possible? In this way we could increase provision for more key workers. I know that parents would want this too!

We have a wonderful school community and we need to ensure that this horrid situation that we've all been thrown into doesn't become divisive and damaging to our Ethos and Values.

All parents that have been allocated a place for the 8th June have now been notified. Please follow the information on my letter to confirm your place and trust that in making some really hard decisions that we have followed the guidance given to us and also ensured we have been fair, compassionate and thorough in our decision making. Have a lovely half term break, with very best wishes, Katy Burns

Head's return to school letter
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